Day 3

Culture and Urban Arts

Hip and Haute-Couture

Your day will begin in one of the most top-notch concept-building in town, the Tomie Ohtake Institute. The place was specially designed to host national and international events of Plastic Arts, design and architecture. Its name was tribute to famous artist Tomie Othake an international reference to arts. The building was created by Ruy Othake, son of Tomie and one of the best Brazilian architect. To finish the experience, have lunch at Santinho. The restaurant is located inside the attraction and it offers the unique Brazilian creations of Chef Morena Leite.


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Art and boutiques in Vila Madalena

Stroll the streets of Vila Madalena dropping into the art galleries, or Beco do Batman where the street art is an exhibition in itself. People come from far and wide to see the graffiti. There are plenty of little boutiques brimming with work by independent fashion designers and a tempting host of culinary artisans offering everything from cheese to beer.

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Refresh and prepare to return

Back at Palácio Tangará you can hand over shopping to your butler to pack up with your luggage, then prepare for your journey with a pre-flight spa therapy, or a rest by the pool, to still the mind. An evening cocktail perhaps, a last glimpse of the forest in the fading light, and then into

the limousine for your airport transfer. We hope you will always remember the energy of São Paulo and the elegant tranquility of Palácio Tangará, and return to us soon.

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