3 Perfect Days - Day 1

3 Perfect Days

As you swing through the gates of Palácio Tangará you enter a world of historic glamour in the midst of fresh tropical gardens – a glorious contrast to São Paulo’s hot, pulsating city centre. From here you can drop in and out of the city’s creative slipstream, catching anything from highbrow culture to hip street art, haute couture to avant-garde fashion, returning to regain your equilibrium by our pool or in the spa before gliding serenely through to an elegant evening.

Day 1 - Parks, architecture, art, then spa and chill

Forest, flora and fauna

After breakfast take a shady stroll through Burle Marx Park to get a flavour of Brazil’s tropical forests. Burle Marx was Brazil’s most important landscape architect, known as a modern garden artist. The park is visually stunning, with rugged tangles of creepers in dense palms and ferns, and a beautiful lake that’s home to fish, turtles and swans. Look out also for opossoms and white tufted marmosets.

The Glass House

Just a five-minute drive from the Hotel is the extraordinary Casa de Vidro designed by Lina Bo Bardi, famous trailblazing Italo- Brazilian architect, who lives at the place and designed the modernist structure for the São Paulo Museum of Art. Part of the surrounding rainforest still survives, encroaching upon the glass walls and gardens. Famously artists Gilbert & George spent a day at the Glass House as living sculptures in this artistic intervention.

Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano

After a relaxing visit to Casa de Vidro is time to discover the famous Maria Luisa and Oscar Americano Foundation. The place is a must-go for those who love arts, history and architecture. Visitors will find that this place is a miscellaneous of XVII century paintings, furniture, artifacts and sacred arts objects from XVII. In the end, a quick stop at the “Tea Saloon” is mandatory

Gastronomic District of Itaim Bibi

Itaim Bibi district developed in one of the most important districts in town as well as the most modern gastronomic district of São Paulo. Certainly this is the perfect location for a complete food experience. Amauri Street is the main attraction of the district with highest concentration of top-notch restaurants. Osaka restaurant is a highly recommended place with its Nikkei cuisine – a fusion between Japanese and Peruvian styles.


Spa and revive

After the intensity of the centre of São Paulo, head back to the peaceful haven of Palácio Tangará to restore your equilibrium. Relax by the pool, watching cockatoos flit between the trees, drinking in the fresh air. Take a spa treatment as a couple, or alone – with exclusive therapies. Return to your suite for a crushed iced fruit juice on your terrace, overlooking lush tropical forest, before dressing for evening cocktails.


Champagne and history

Seated at our bar with a glass of champagne, consider the romantic origins of the palace. In the late 40’s the extraordinarily wealthy Italo-Brazilian, ‘Baby Pignatari’, was renowned for romancing glamorous women in the world’s most glamorous places, dispatching planeloads of flowers, diamond necklaces and demijohns of perfume. In one magnificently romantic gesture, Baby built Tangará for his beautiful wife Nelita Alves de Lima. Ultimately, he couldn’t resist his playboy lifestyle and his wife and Tangará were abandoned, until the Oetker Collection revived the palace for our guests.

Evening Elegance

Dinner is by candlelight, in delicious elegance, with views over the gardens and park through floor to ceiling French doors. Jean-Georges Vongerichten is thrilled to present his restaurant and first South American venture, in Palácio Tangará. He is inspired by the abundant local produce and cheerful lifestyle of Paulistas, and hopes to inspire diners likewise with his cuisine.



Jazz sounds lure you back to the bar, perhaps some classical guitar and soft singing in the bossa nova traditions popularized by João Gilberto. Freshen up with Brazilian favourites, a caipirinha or crushed juice, or mellow with a cognac.


Day 2

Nature and Arts, São Paulo's fifth avenue, dinner with a view and classical concert

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Day 3

Culture and Urban Arts

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