Lynn Chadwick at Le Bristol Paris

Lynn Chadwick

until late January 2019

Le Bristol Paris, in association with Blain|Southern and the Chadwick Estate, bring together four exceptional works by the late Lynn Chadwick (1914-2003).
In this powerful ensemble we have curated an unfolding story of motion that Chadwick so effectively captured in each of his works.


180 cm
Edition 1 of 4

Teddy Boy & Girl

200 x 75 x 60 cm
Edition of 6 - this is EA/1


183 x 70 x 53 cm
Edition of 4 - this is 0/4

Two Reclining Figures

80 x 115 x 183 cm
Edition 3 of 4

Monitor (1965) the most elemental in form of the three works carries the abstraction of human form to an extreme. This piece stands seemingly ‘observing’ the later work Teddy Boy & Girl (1979) which captures the lightness and sense of movement at odds with the intrinsically static aspect of sculpture. On the opposing side of the garden we have Dancers (1967) which is both intimate and at the same time powerful. This power revealed by the connection at the hip that provided an interesting interplay of shape and mass.

The collection is completed with Two Reclining Figures (1972) further developing the sense of intimacy as they lay together under the shade of the tree.

Art enquiries

In the first instance all enquiries should be directed to Martin Tonks, Creative Director of our lifestyle brand Eden Being.
Specific sales enquiries will then be handled by our gallery partner Blain|Southern in London.

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