The Garden

Open skies over Le Bristol Paris

A garden’s elegant rebirth at Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol Paris’ new garden is a hidden treasure open for discovery. It is an oasis of flowers and calm lined by plush drawing rooms and a colonnade adorned by blossoming orange trees. The garden is a jewel of serenity only steps away from the bustle of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Today, the green heart of the Palace takes on a magnificent new dimension to make our own hearts beat a little faster.

To recreate the garden, Le Bristol Paris and MM Design commissioned the exceptional talent of Lady Arabella Lennox - Boyd.

World renowned landscape designer Arabella approached her new creation for Le Bristol Paris with deep respect for nature’s delicacy, her permanent source of inspiration.

Her bedrock philosophy for this project has been environmental consciousness and sustainability, and Le Bristol Paris is a passionate partner. The hotel has a long-held and deepening commitment to making responsible choices when it comes to the wellbeing of the planet, its guests and employees. These high standards of environmental stewardship have earned Le Bristol the Green Globe certification. 

Adhering to this philosophy, Arabella selected many plants native to the Paris region, suited to local conditions. She specified well composted organic soil as she usually does. This would ensure healthy growth and abundant flowering. Each tree, shrub and flower was deliberately chosen with care and with the aim to support the biodiversity of this precious Parisian oasis. 

Each season of the year plays out in its full splendour in this ever-changing microcosm. At the arrival of spring, narcissi and tulips bring the first explosion of colour and give way to white bougainvillea and softly tinted pink and deep burgundy roses come summer.  The blooms of ornamental grasses and the copper toned beech leaves announce the descent into autumn, and winter’s incubation is gracefully sculpted by evergreens.

To maintain the garden’s abundance, Le Bristol Paris vows to use only 100% plant-based and biodegradable products with beneficial impacts on the planet.

Just like the Palace itself, Arabella’s garden is infused with warmth and welcoming elegance. In the traditional English style, her design balances controlled mastery with unkempt freedom.