The Jumby Bay Boutique

Island Chic Shopping

Newly imagined by renowned designer, Patricia Anastassiadis, The Jumby Bay Boutique invites guests with a chic destination shopping experience. Exquisite finishes highlight the island's delicate and easy elegance, featuring light beach side hues, rustic gold and tropical touches including natural green leaf accents, and vintage wooden surfboards.


From fine luxury pieces from Eden Being, the Oetker Collection's curated lifestyle brand, to a selection of quintessential West Indian gifts, and sundries, The Jumby Bay Boutique features a range of products to meet each guest's needs.

Eden Being

The Patrick Mavros handmade Monkey and Palm Swizzle Stick is the perfect accessory for your cocktail. The monkey swivels dizzily round and round the stick brandishing a coconut and mixing your cocktail at the same time!
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