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Simply named Eden-Roc, the new fragrance of la Collection Privée is a vibrant ode to the most emblematic of luxury hotels along the French Riviera: the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

The Eden-Roc fragrance is the olfactory image of this cape, whose exceptional locale evokes the lavish, sun-bathed atmosphere of this true Mediterranean paradise.

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Eden-Roc is the expression of an irrefutably simple and natural beauty; that of a sea salt crystal placed on the tip of the tongue, of bronzed skin warmed by the sun, of the protective canopy offered by a pine tree in the south of France. Its trail echoes the Mediterranean, with marine scents, flowers and citrus fruits blending with aromatic scents and pine trees. Eden-Roc is a legend of luxury and oxygen, of extreme sophistication and exquisite simplicity.
A perfume comes to life when it is worn; a place when it is lived in. So let us wish a very long life to the Eden-Roc!

Blue for the sea, yellow for the sun, and green for the pine trees

Three colours in a scent

The Eden-Roc fragrance reveals itself in three colours: blue like the sea and the transparent waters of a divine pool, yellow like the sun stretching its rays onto the rock and leisurely bodies, green like the freshness of the pines standing tall in the hotel's lush garden.

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Eden-Roc, a ritual for the pleasure of perfume

The sun-filed beauty of Eden-Roc also comes in a special, irresistible ritual. For the pleasure of perfume to be complete inspired by the peace and quiet of this exceptional place, and tailor-made for this setting. Eden-Roc preserves its salty marine note, its woody freshness and its floral luminosity to the heart of a candle, a liquid soap and a body cream. Three elements which represent a beautiful art of living of simple luxury. Used for the bath or simply to relax, each of these creations is the fragrant interpretation of this corner of paradise.

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