Art at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

For Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, the history and development of the city of Baden-Baden has a formative influence. And this also includes the size and expanse of a Grand Hotel, which nevertheless conveys a sense of comfort.

Aware of its regional roots and more than 145 years of tradition, the grand hotel promotes the exploration of modern art and its inspiring creative structures.

19 July – 19 November 2019

MAD C | Graffiti Art

MadC’s style has its roots in graffiti art, resulting in vividly coloured, dynamic calligraphy and transparency where all layers shine through and thereby capture the energy of painting on a massive scale in the street, without using a direct graffiti language. The abstract paintings draw you in and capture the viewer in a universe universally understood, surpassing languages and cultures. Five elements specially designed for her Baden-Baden exhibition enter into an exciting dialogue with the hotel and its green grounds.

Fritz & Felix Restaurant | Bar

Artwork Collection

In addition to a modern interior by the British designer Robert Angell, Fritz & Felix has a curated collection of bespoke art.

The bar stages black-and-white sketches with local motifs by the artist Soyoung Kim. The open kitchen area introduces an abstraction of Baden-Baden landscape with its lakes and forests by Karolina Skowronska. All this is complemented in the restaurant by an expressive set of original hand painted canvases inspired by the seasons of the contemporary artist Tegen Richardson. And the prints from Elegant Clutter are inspired by the organic forms of mushrooms and seed pods.

Visiting Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa and Villa Stéphanie

Thilo Westermann

The Berlin-based artist is known for his black-and-white reverse glass paintings and conceptual photo pieces. In a manual process he composes his motifs by stippling dot by dot on a sheet of glass. In the eye of the beholder these constellations of dots merge and give the impression of naturalistic flower still lives. After finishing a painting, Thilo transfers his own art works into new contexts and surroundings.

His limited edition "'Vanitas (Redoute) (2)' and 'Vanitas (Vanda Miss Joaquim)' at Villa Stéphanie, Baden-Baden 2017" is available exclusively at Brenners Eden Being Boutique.