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Villa Stéphanie

Baden-Baden has been a renowned spa and healthcare destination since Roman times, and Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa is the town’s acknowledged centre of excellence for therapy and medical care. Dip in the pool, soothe limbs in the sauna, clear the mind in the scented steam rooms, then relinquish yourself to the professional care of our therapists. Following a consultation your therapist can recommend a combination of highly effective treatments from facials to spa physiotherapy.

Practical information

Opening hours

From 8.00am to 8.00pm


+49 (0)7221 900 602
Prepare Yourself
Drink water. Please drink plenty of soft fluids before a treatment or using the spa which will allow your body to benefit from the detoxifying effects of our treatments. Please avoid alcohol before or directly after your treatment.
Do not start your treatment if you are hungry and avoid heavy meals at least one hour before treatment starts.
No smoking
Avoid cigarettes before and directly after your Spa treatment. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Spa.
What to wear
Feel comfortable, we particularly recommend easy-care fabrics due to the oils and care products used. Bath robes, slippers and towels are available in the Spa but you are welcome to arrive wearing the bath robe provided in your room. In this case, please use our Spa lift located on the first floor. We recommend you start your treatment without make-up. Swim suits Brenners Saunarium is a nude bathing area. However, you are welcome to wear a swim suit if you prefer.
For the ultimate relaxation
Brenners Spa is a place of peace and relaxation for body and spirit we would kindly ask all spa visitors to keep noise to a minimum and please switch off your mobile phone.


+49 (0)7221 900 602

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