With a radiant smile

Dr med dent Sven Marcus Beschnidt

With a radiant smile

Dr Beschnidt, what makes your dental
practice so special? 

Our patients are treated to a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere. We talk with them at eye level and take what they have to say seriously. During the first conversation, the patient sits opposite us - they aren’t lying down on the treatment chair. We want the patient to trust us and feel well taken care of. Anxious patients in particular are in very good hands with us. After the treatment, everyone should leave our practice with a satisfied smile. That is our goal.

Why are healthy teeth so important for
quality of life? 

Intact dental health is important for one’s overall physical health. Scientific research has shown that the bacteria that cause gum disease are the same bacteria that can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, premature birth or diabetes. You have to see the body as a whole.

What has changed compared to before? 

Nowadays, people don’t just come when they are already experiencing discomfort. They have come to understand that it is important to take a preventative approach. This includes oral hygiene in particular. The technology has developed enormously in dentistry. Today’s treatment methods are much gentler and patients consider them to be much more pleasant than just a few years ago.

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