Interview mit Martina Nesselhauf

Martina Nesselhauf, Physiotherapy Manager

„Taking time for your patients"

Martinas qualification as specialist alternative practitioner allows her to diagnose and treat patients without a medical referral. In close cooperation with the Medical Care experts, she and her team make sure they fully address all of their patients' needs.

What is so special about your practice? Who can you help?
We have patients with slipped discs, spine and back problems, as well as neurophysiological cases, such as patients who have suffered a stroke, or have Parkinson’s or MS. We also help people who have had knee or hip operations. What makes us special - apart from our expert qualifications - is the fact that we have time for our patients. This is a great luxury. It makes a big difference whether you are doing physical therapy with a therapist who has a maximum time slot of 20 minutes for you or whether the therapist can examine you thoroughly without having to rush.

What sort of feedback do you get from your patients?
Because we allow ourselves the time for our patients, the feedback we receive is always very positive. The patients are not used to this. Many of them get up after the treatment and say: “What have you done to me? I feel better already!” This is what we like to hear and it also shows how important it is to adapt to every single patient and to listen to them. We have had many success stories, especially with regard to patients with artificial hips or knee joints. Numerous international regulars from the hotel keep on coming back.

What are the trends in physiotherapy?
Staying up to date and keep an eye on what is going on is, of course, essential. The 'in' topic at present is fascias. In the beginning, I was very sceptical. Nowadays, I know that tensions can be treated much faster and more effectively with good fascia training. However, we tend not to work with fascia rollers, but use our hands instead. The effects penetrate into the skin that much deeper.

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