3 Perfect Days - Day 3

Day 3 - Day spa

Detox breakfast and personal training 

Start your day with a healthy Detox breakfast.

Do you devote enough time to your health? Our sports experts will draw up an individual programme tailored specifically to your needs that will be fun to follow. Running, Nordic walking, aqua fitness, hiking, body and mind strength and figure training, weight management, back exercises, medical training therapy, cardio training and innovative vibration training.

Relax or revitalise

Visit our spa lounge and try our light spa snacks, dip in the pool, soothe limbs in the sauna, clear the mind in the scented steam rooms, then relinquish yourself to the professional care of our therapists. A place of peaceful privacy for a consultation on your overall wellbeing and somewhere that makes rest and recuperation  a pleasurable experience. Pamper yourself to your heart's content during your signature treatment that creates complete relaxation for your body and mind.

Detox dinner

Finish the day with one exclusive Detox Menu in our restaurant Wintergarten. Bon appetit!

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