Taste fresh & organic food


The island's own plantation guarantees the pleasure of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Trees are laden with fruits while exotic spices, cashew, vanilla and tamarind are all available for you to choose from for your freshly prepared meal.

A significant part of the cuisine comes from produce of extreme freshness and supreme quality that is cultivated in the island's rich agricultural environment.
Agriculture Manager Simon Love says: "we grow over 120 varieties of vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs. The taste of home-grown herbs, the scent of fresh coffee and tamarind altogether imprint the senses."


For an authentic Créole Style à la carte cuisine, guests are invited to choose the Plantation House which is an historical building evoking memories of the early settlers. The Plantation House is a wonderful venue for open air dining.

Restaurants and Bars at Fregate Island Private include:

  • Fregate House for a daily gourmet menu featuring the Chef's selection of local produce at its peak
  • The Plantation House for an authentic Créole Style cuisine
  • Anse Bambous Beach Bar for a delightful lunch and dinner on the beach
  • The Pirate's Bar for an incredible fruit cocktail made with fresh fruit grown on the island
  • The Wine Cellar for a dinner party with wine pairings, for up to 10 guests