A landmark on a rocky headland in the centre of St Jean Bay, St Barths


Eden Rock - St Barths occupies the most striking site on the island, a rocky promontory that sheers St Jean Bay in two, ensconcing itself between two shimmering white sand beaches.

St Barths is the celebrated star of the French West Indies, located 15 kilometres southeast of the Caribbean island St. Maarten.

Reaching St Barths by Air

There are three main international airports with connecting flights to St Barths which take approximately one hour, St Juan Puerto Rico, Antigua and Guadeloupe, while from St Maarten airport it is only ten minutes by flight or a 40-minute sea ferry. The guests can land either at St. Martin either at Anguilla. Then a driver will transfer guests to the hotel, located ten minutes from the port, in a private air-conditioned vehicle.

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