A unique opportunity to enjoy an exclusive island experience
with a team genuinely committed to conservation


Fregate Island Private floats in the clear Indian Ocean, which invites guests to dive in: explore the stunningly coloured coral and admire the parade of tropical fish.

Scuba divers will be awed by the spectrum of sea life from rays to whale sharks while the uninitiated will be guided by a resident dive master that runs PADI courses. The marina team arranges catamarans and waterskiing; or takes the launch out for a big game fishing trip and catch a sea bream for the chef to cook.

The island offers its unique ecosystem to discover, a spice tour through the ten kilometres (6 miles) of jungle trails is fascinating with the opportunity to spot the Magpie Robin, one of the rarest birds on the globe.

Young guests are captivated by the Kids Club Castaway activities, searching for 16th century pirate treasure, travelling to a lost world beneath towering banyan trees, identifying prehistoric tenebrionid beetles and millipedes or visiting the baby tortoises in the island's protective nursery. Fregate Island Private is an Eden for everyone.

Fregate Island Private
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