Brazil's hot cauldron of culture

São Paulo

Oetker Collection's Masterpiece hotel gives you access to one of the busiest, most energetically creative cities in the world, while staying in the peaceful, natural surroundings of the Burle Marx Park.

With a population of 20 million, every square inch of São Paulo is packed with people and action. A creative current runs through São Paulo, burgeoning with night clubs, gastronomic houses, new music and experimental theatre.

Paulistanos may be renowned for their football fervor, but they have created the cultural capital of Brazil. Visitors can view Latin America's finest collection of European art from Goyas to El Greco, at the São Paulo Museum of Art, and Brazilian artists at Pinacoteca do Estado. Architecture is magnificent and mixed, from the neo-Gothic Metropolitan Cathedral, brutalist modern MASM to the gloriously ornate Theatro Municipal. The handsome 1929 Edifício Martinelli building, was once the highest structure in São Paulo, today that accolade falls to the 46 floored Edificio Italia which you can ascend for a sky high view of the city.

From this forested park guests can rest, relax and stroll along nature trails to spot opposoms, exotic birds and white tufted marmosets.

Palácio Tangará