Weight Loss & Detox

Enticingly healthy

Mohammad Joshani runs the kitchen at Villa Stéphanie. As a qualified diet chef and nutritionist, he conjures up healthy, calorie-reduced dishes that taste simply outstanding.

Interview with Mohammad Joshani

Weight Loss

Your Weight Loss expert will be at your side for this 10-day programme, entirely personalised following medical body analysis and metabolism study. Spa slimming treatments, vitalising menu and fitness regime combine for radical results.
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Seven day detox for superb results. Includes a complete medical review, body and metabolism analysis, 8 spa treatments, exercises you enjoy and nutritional guidance with a Vitalising Menu. Sleep deep every night in our unique Digital Detox rooms.
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A perfect Detox day
at Villa Stéphanie

For a transformative experience the Villa Stéphanie offers a peaceful environment in a breathtaking location on the banks of the river Oos right on Lichtentaler Allee. Here you can save on energy, eat to reboot your systems, enjoy treatments and really feel able to improve your wellbeing in one of Europe’s most beautiful and tranquil areas with the support of a highly professional expert team.
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An exemplary

This is how it works: The intense combination of individual dieting, a personalised training programme and daily medical supervison with adapted treatments will create dramatic resluts. Dr. Harry F. König's THE KINGS WAY walks with you the path of intense detoxification and visible weight loss.
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Nutrition Consultation

Guests can build up their energy levels, eat to reboot their systems and improve their overall wellbeing in one of Europe’s most beautiful and tranquil areas with the support of a highly professional expert team. Bespoke menus are created with passion and expertise by our chefs.
Hectic lives take away a lot of energy and this, in combination with unhealthy nutrition, results in a loss of power. We have designed ways to bring it back. One of the most important ingredients is pleasure – we make the journey towards positive results enjoyable.
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Digital Detox

Villa Stéphanie is dedicated to the concept of the "digital detox" given that the quality of an individual's sleep plays such an important role in resting and recharging. The simple fact is, people who get enough sleep get more out of life.
As a guest, you have the choice, at the press of a button on your bedside table, to completely disconnect the entire room from its electrics and Wifi.

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