Corporate Social Responsibility

Our vision

Our values: Protect, respect and develop sustainable solutions. (Protect-Respect-Develop)

Our vision: Oetker Collection has chosen to make the most of its know-how, savoir vivre and social skills to develop and sustain the future of generations to come in the long term.

Our mission: Oetker Collection family is guided by common values and goals, especially regarding social and environmental development. It is this new commitment that allows us to be closer to our guests.

Our motto: "Patrons for a safe and guaranteed future"

Our Commitments

In order to achieve these commitments we have created the following papers:
• As a common standard all hotels are monitoring their resource consumption including electricity, water and gas through the data management system Con-Serve™. The Group strives to reduce their resource consumption.
• Additionally all hotels have adopted the ‘Giving Bag’ scheme, which allows guests to donate any clothes or accessories they no longer wish to take home to those in need through the Red Cross.
• Guests can also help disadvantaged countries by donating your partially used bath products to the "Clean the World" foundation. Both donations only need to be dropped into a "Giving Bag" which we have placed in every wardrobe.
The Oetker Collection works with Considerate Hoteliers to ensure all commitments are implemented, strategies are adhered to and progress is tracked.

The Alpine Goat

L’Apogée Courchevel offers its guests the opportunity to contribute to the protection of wildlife and biodiversity of the Savoie region. By donating, the National Park de la Vanoise will benefit in full from your kind contribution and you will receive this cuddly goat as a “thank you”.
L’Apogée Courchevel is proud to be a patron of the “Parc National de la Vanoise”, which supports the protection, knowledge, monitoring and awareness on the Alpine Goat. The revenues gained from the sale of the cuddly toy, which as been created especially for this philanthropic project, will all go toward supporting the activities the Park engages in to sustain this unique species, which is still vulnerable to extinction.
Created in 1963 with the specific goal to protect the Alpine Goat, the National Park of the Vanoise has since supported the development of qualified skilled professionals. These have been able to contribute to the scientific knowledge on this Ibex and to therefore help raise awareness on this unique goat with the general public.

L'Apogée Courchevel

L’Apogee Courchevel participated in the “Plus d’arbres, plus de vie“ project (More trees, more life), in partnership with local schools to plant trees in the ski resort.

Staff members organised rubbish and recycling collection day, accompanied by local volunteers.

CSR Team in place

> Red Cross "giving a bag"
> Clean the World

UN Global Compact Advanced Level
Green Globe certification