Corporate Social Responsibility

Our vision

Our values: Protect, respect and develop sustainable solutions. (Protect-Respect-Develop)

Our vision: Oetker Collection has chosen to make the most of its know-how, savoir vivre and social skills to develop and sustain the future of generations to come in the long term.

Our mission: Oetker Collection family is guided by common values and goals, especially regarding social and environmental development. It is this new commitment that allows us to be closer to our guests.

Our motto: "Patrons for a safe and guaranteed future"

Our Commitments

Group CSR actions include:
• As a common standard all hotels are monitoring their resource consumption including electricity, water and gas through the data management system Con-Serve™. The Group strives to reduce their resource consumption.
• Additionally all hotels have adopted the ‘Giving Bag’ scheme, which allows guests to donate any clothes or accessories they no longer wish to take home to those in need through the Red Cross.
Guests are also given the possibility to help disadvantaged countries by donating their partially used bath products to the ‘Clean the World’ foundation. Both donations only need to be dropped into a ‘Giving Bag’ which have been placed in every Hotel room wardrobe.
The Oetker Collection works with Considerate Hoteliers to ensure all commitments are implemented, strategies are adhered to and progress is tracked.

Fregate Island Private

Fregate Island Private has its own professional Conservation Team with a scientific brief to help the conservation of the islands indigenous flora and animals, such as the famous Magpie Robin bird, the giant Millipede or the Bwa Dir tree after which the resort’s green team is named.

Plastic- free: there are no plastic bottles on offer for guests, all drinking water is provided through Fregate’s own filtered water source.

Waste is separated and broken down into as many streams as possible, which when possible they are re-used and recycled on–site or else they are taken off island on Mahe where there are appropriate companies which can tackle the waste. The companies are inspected on an annual base and vetted for by the Conservationist Team.

The island has it’s own Conservationist Museum where staff and guests are encouraged to learn about the natural history of the region.

Fregate Island’s vegetable and fruit plantation is grown in a brand new hydroponic green house that produces enough food for consumption on the island as well as for exportation to other nearby islands.

CSR Team: Bwa Dir Friends

Red Cross Clothing Bank
National Disabled Foundation