Ornithological Explorers

February 2018

Birds in paradise

Hundreds of thousands of brilliant birds find sanctuary on Fregate Island, all wonderfully curious in this tame world, the star of the island is the Seychelles Magpie Robin which has literally been saved from extinction. Our resident conservationists have a mission to restore the natural habitat, encouraging the return of all indigenous birdlife. They are delighted to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with all our guests.

The Seychelles Magpie Robin saved from extinction

Thirty years ago, these charming, charismatic birds were almost extinct, with a headcount of only fourteen it was the second-rarest bird in the world. Thanks to the keen work of our conservation team they now number more than 100, and Fregate Island has been delighted to introduce populations to neighbouring islands.

A natural aviary

Dedicated ornithologists and every explorer will be charmed by our numerous colourful birds, all delightfully confident on this island sanctuary. Scarlet Fodies dance on the damask tablecloths, Fairy Terns flit between forest canopy, Noddies soar through clear blue skies. Every day at dusk, you have the heart lifting sight of flocks gliding over the island as they return from their fishing expeditions. There are over 100 species here, with thirteen species taking up permanent residence.

Restoring the fregate birds’ home

Along with the Seychelles Magpie Robin the endemic Seychelles White Eye and Seychelles Warbler, have been nurtured to healthy populations. But as resident conservationist, Dr. Janske, says “Our work will never feel completed until the fregate bird returns to Fregate Island Private.” Sometimes if you look out to sea you can now spot fregates near to shore, and so the habitat restoration continues, until they finally come home. We welcome all explorers to our Galapagos of the Seychelles.


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