For Explorers (Only)

Micro Galapagos


Our precious Seychelles island is lush with rain forest, fringed by coral reefs, and sanctuary to some of the world’s rarest plants, reptiles and birds. Come and discover this living conservation project, see below for our latest explorer feature.

May 2018

Eco Explorers

Conservation and ecology sit comfortably with our clear conscience luxury. Fresh water harvesting, delicious produce from land and sea and a self-sufficient team all contribute to minimising our carbon footprint.

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April 2018

Eden Explorers

The lush landscape produces over 160 useful flowers, fruits, herbs and spices, and countless beneficial resins, woods and leaves. Our spa therapists see the whole island as one bountiful Garden of Eden.

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March 2018

Young Explorers

This micro Galapagos is a world of wonders for curious children. Our Seychelles isle is a safe natural habitat where family can roam freely with our Jurassic giants, the 400 kg tortoises, and hunt for the legendary pirate treasure.

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February 2018

Ornithological Explorers

Here is an island sanctuary for thousands of birds all confident in the tame environment and delightfully curious. Even the Seychelles Magpie Robin will greet you, our conservations have literally saved this precious species from extinction.

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January 2018

Ocean Explorers

Step off our shores into the pristine Indian Ocean lapping our micro Galapagos to join the sea life that grazes and glides over our reefs. Drop into an open aquarium from one of the dive boats or head to the abyss for some deep sea encounters.

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December 2017

Reptile Explorers

Nurse a tiny turtle in the palm of your hand, use fingertips to move a 400 Kilo giant tortoise off the path, sunbathe with a skink on your decking. Our micro Galapagos of the Seychelles is heaven for explorers.

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November 2017

Flora Explorers

Our ecologists will reveal the extraordinarily rare Wrights Gardenia and deliciously fragrant ylang ylang, miles of rainforest filled with spices, trees laden with ripe star fruit and farms generous with kitchen delicacies.

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