Flora Explorers

November 2017

Bountiful and exotic

Walking with the ecology team you will discover a spice garden in the rain forest with cashew nut, cinnamon and Indian almond trees. Turn a corner and be surprised by the delicious fragrance of ylang ylang, a little further on is the fascinating sight of the puffball fungus which appears to be smoking when its spores drift in the wind.

Tree of life

Begin your day with breakfast in the boughs of the Banyan tree, known as the tree of life for its eternal growth. Seeds fall on its own branches, new growth heads down and around the host creating an intricate aerial root system. In this knotty natural canopy we hoist up fresh fruits and hot toasts, which you can enjoy with scarlet fodies and delightful fairy white terns.

The luxury of conservation

The island was not always this bountiful, this is the result of an ambitious project to restore a natural habitat that was destroyed by an 18th century plantation, and it is funded by 16 exclusive villas that make up Fregate Island Private.

Seeds of success

The coconut and bamboo that were industriously farmed over 200 years are being painstakingly weeded out. A tree nursery was begun 30 years ago, regrowing rare and indigenous species. So far 100,000 trees have been replanted and the first wild germination of the Wrights Gardenia took place on Fregate Island revealing one the most beautiful trees in the Seychelles.

Explorers flock to our island

Today the mighty Takamaka, a national icon, holds sway over palms, providing homes for bird populations who are returning in flocks. We welcome all explorers to our Galapagos of the Seychelles where we are dedicated to conservation and sustainability.



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