Eden Explorers

April 2018

Gardens for beauty and wellbeing

Fregate Island Private is in effect a vast natural apothecary brimming with ingredients for your beauty and wellbeing. There are over 160 useful flowers, fruits, herbs and spices; and countless beneficial resins, woods and leaves. Here is a Garden of Eden for anyone interested in exploring the therapeutic power of nature.

Harmony and balance

The Rock Spa is quietly in tune with the surrounding ocean and lush rain forest. This is a peaceful place for a guided meditation session or to practice yoga. Special rituals are performed beneath the boughs of our ancient Banyan tree in the afternoon when the oxygen levels are highest.

From garden to spa

Spa therapists will identify the most effective ingredients for your needs and your skin type, and apply fresh lotions formulated from the island’s harvest. Guests are invited to explore the gardens, farm and forest, collecting their own ingredients for treatments or health boosting smoothies.

The power of nature in beauty and wellbeing

Amongst the many beneficial plants on our island you will discover aloe vera which is soothing on sun burnt skin and breadfruit, effective for deep moisturising. Papaya is a vitamin-bomb to boost the immune system, for beauty you can use papaya juice for cleansing, the seeds as a facial scrub and the flesh, with turmeric and lime, as a nourishing face mask.

Island stars

No one enjoys our island’s abundant produce more than the 3,000 Giant Aldabra Tortoises. They roam free from hilltop to beach but one of their favourite spots is beneath the star fruit trees, where they can laze all day, chomping on the five angled yellow pods that drop from the boughs. We welcome all Eden explorers to our Galapagos of the Seychelles.


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