Eco Explorers

May 2018

To be the most sustainable private island

Fregate Island Private is a beautiful destination with a healthy conscience, we aim to be the most sustainable private island where people can relax amidst natural luxury. World explorers who share our values will be interested in our many eco initiatives that help conserve our precious paradise.

Luxury with a conscience

Our small island is just 2.19 square kilometres, about the size of Monaco, yet we have created only 16 guest villas, preserving the natural peace and offering guests today’s valued luxury, privacy. The villas sustain this dedicated conservation project while our spectacular micro safaris, trail treks, sea adventures and culinary approach all raise awareness of the ecology.

Harvesting pure water

Water throughout the island and for all the villas is naturally harvested and we have created our own bottling system. Plenty of rainwater gathers in the fissures of the granite rocks so guests can refresh anytime in their private garden showers awash with brilliant sunlight, and limitless pure water.

Our larder is the land and sea

80% of our food is harvested from the island’s land and sea. We have developed one of the largest agricultural projects in the Seychelles with a sophisticated hydroponics system. The soil is rich and fertile so our chefs’ demands for a new crop can sometimes be met within weeks. Guests are welcomed to the farm to collect salads, herbs and vegetables to deliver to the kitchen for deliciously fresh lunches.

A community of self sufficiency

Amongst the Fregate Island Private team there are engineers, herbal therapists, tailors and 20 carpenters. All of us work to avoid imports and reduce the island’s carbon footprint including generating our own power, creating natural spa therapies and hand carved wooden furniture.  We welcome all explorers to our Galapagos of the Seychelles dedicated to conservation and sustainability.


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