Giant Aldabra tortoises

Our charismatic Giant Aldabra Tortoises roam freely across the wilds of the island. Bred from a population of 150 some 25 years ago to their current number of over 2'000, these ancient creatures are witnesses to our unparalleled conservation effort. They have watched as their island home has been restored to its natural state, allowing them to flourish and grow to their present numbers.

Sea turtle conservation

The sandy beaches of Fregate Island provide a vital nesting habitat for the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle and the endangered Green Turtle. From October to January, our conservation staff's job is to safeguard and monitor the several hundred nests. Guests have the opportunity to witness one of nature’s true miracles, the sight of a female turtle laying her eggs on the shore.

Over 100 species of tropical birds

With hundreds of thousands of birds – altogether over 100 species – finding sanctuary on Fregate Island, our rare and exotic birdlife will amaze nature lovers. Every day at dusk, the sight of large flocks of beautiful Fairy Terns and Noddies gliding across the island as they return from their fishing expeditions is a true thrill.

The Magpie Robin: a conservation success story

Fregate Island Private was the only remaining habitat of the Seychelles Magpie Robin. Almost extinct, with a headcount of only fourteen, it was the second-rarest bird in the world some 30 years ago. These charming birds have since been restored to a healthy population by our permanent on-island conservation staff, and now number more than 100.

Restoring the ecological balance

After 200 years of intensive agricultural practices during the plantation era, which almost totally cleared the native woodland, a natural balance is returning to Fregate Island. Our sizeable nursery started these efforts 30 years ago, by regrowing rare and almost extinct species. Our conservation efforts have slowly but surely restored the native flora of the island.

Explore the island's underwater riches

There is a wealth of marine wildlife around Fregate Island. Exotic fish and coral reefs make any excursion into the deep a voyage of discovery. Whales, dolphins and giant mantas make occasional visits to Fregate Island’s deeper waters. In the shallows by the beaches, large shoals of fish are easily visible, bringing colour and wonder.

Expert guides

Our resident ecologists are always willing and available to accompany dives and snorkel trips and share their unique understanding of the marine environment.

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