Corporate Social Responsibility

Our vision

Our values: Protect, respect and develop sustainable solutions. (Protect-Respect-Develop)

Our vision: Oetker Collection has chosen to make the most of its know-how, savoir vivre and social skills to develop and sustain the future of generations to come in the long term.

Our mission: Oetker Collection family is guided by common values and goals, especially regarding social and environmental development. It is this new commitment that allows us to be closer to our guests.

Our motto: "Patrons for a safe and guaranteed future"

Our Commitments

Group CSR actions include:
• As a common standard all hotels are monitoring their resource consumption including electricity, water and gas through the data management system Con-Serve™. The Group strives to reduce their resource consumption.
• Additionally all hotels have adopted the ‘Giving Bag’ scheme, which allows guests to donate any clothes or accessories they no longer wish to take home to those in need through the Red Cross.
Guests are also given the possibility to help disadvantaged countries by donating their partially used bath products to the ‘Clean the World’ foundation. Both donations only need to be dropped into a ‘Giving Bag’ which have been placed in every Hotel room wardrobe.
The Oetker Collection works with Considerate Hoteliers to ensure all commitments are implemented, strategies are adhered to and progress is tracked.

Château Saint-Martin & Spa

At Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa there is always a choice of both local and fresh as they created an aromatic garden to be used for guests’ local dishes. All their gourmet creations are made with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Hotel recycles their organic waste by producing compost for their beautiful parks and landscape gardens, ensuring their sustainable up-keep.

Chateau Saint- Martin & Spa beekeeper taught staff how to run a beehive, through hands-on workshops. The garden foragers produce an average of 60kg of delicious honey per season, served every morning at breakfast.

The Hotel offers a lovely stuffed toy, available for adoption in client’s room. It is a cute little owl, a protected species of which already 4 couples are nesting in the large park of the castle, helped by the installation of a nesting box in 2017. The initiative marks the Hotel’s engagement with the Bird Protection League, in the preservation of the regional biodiversity. All profits of the action are given to this NGO.

CSR Team: Team Avence

Bird Protection League
Red Cross

UN Global Compact Advanced Level
Green Globe Certified Gold Status
‘Silver’ EcoLeaders from TripAdvisor
‘Innovation Trophy’ as part of Climate Energy Plan of Alpes-Maritimes