Medical Care

Medical Care in luxurious surroundings

Medical Care at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa incorporates a range of preventative healthcare programmes and specialist treatments, which can be taken while staying in the elegant surroundings of our beautiful hotel. At your service are the highest level professionals who have the most advanced diagnostics at their disposal. Before and after any procedure you have the calm surroundings of our hotel, spa and park so your recovery will be as pleasant an experience ever possible. The medical teams can make home visits in the privacy of your room or suite, and our caring staff will be there to assist with every comfort, anticipating your every need. An interpreter service can always be made available if required.

Integrative holistic medicin

Treatments by leading practitioners in university and naturopathic holistic medicine. Including Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture

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Aesthetic medicine

Private practice for aesthetic medicine: major effects will be achieved through minimal intervention

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Aesthetic dentistry

First class dentistry in the most relaxing surroundings, with post operative home care and speciality cuisine

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Medical Check-up

The ias PREVENT check-up is a two day comprehensive health survey, providing the highest attention and highest comfort

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Specialist ophthalmologist

Non-operative treatment and surgery can be undertaken while you relax in the luxurious care of the hotel

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Gynaecology and obstetrics

Time is taken to gain a clear understanding of sensitive medical issues. The consultant specialises in naturopathy

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Brenners physiotherapy

Our expert team of physiotherapists, osteopaths and medical masseurs treat symptoms and recommend programmes

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Practical information

Medical care

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