The History of

The Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

Historic icon in Germany’s premier spa city, just a short drive from the Black Forest.


On October 21, Baden-Baden’s court tailor, Anton Brenner, purchased a hotel on Lichtentaller Allee called Stéphanie-les-Bains. The same property would eventually become Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa.


Camille Brenner inherits the hotel from his father, renames it Hotel Stephanie, and develops it into Baden-Baden’s leading spa resort for the well-to-do.


King Chulalongkorn of Siam and Laos and his attendants hold court at the hotel.


Camille Brenner bequeaths the hotel to his sons Kurt and Alfred. They rename it Kasino Stephanie and oversee a golden period of continued expansion.


The brothers host an astounding 40,000 overnight guests in a period of economic hardship


Rudolf August Oetker purchases the hotel from the Brenner family.


After a period of closure during WW2, Brenners Park-Hotel reopens its 160 rooms and welcomes 17,000 overnight guests in the first year.


On February 15th, Brenners hosts preliminary talks for the Franco-German friendship treaty. The hotel is hailed as the “Cradle of Europe”.


Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa hosts German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and French President Jacques Chirac for the 66th Franco-German Summit.


The English national football team call Brenners home for several weeks during the FIFA world cup.


Celebrations for the 60th anniversary of NATO are held in Baden-Baden. The guest list includes German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Barack Obama.


Villa Stéphanie, Oetker Collection’s House of Wellbeing, opens on the grounds of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa.


Fritz & Felix opens with a contemporary dining concept and interior design inspired by the Roaring Twenties.

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